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JINA-CEE Stellar Modelling for Nuclear Astrophysics Summer School (SMNASS) at Louisiana State University

JINA-CEE presents: Stellar Modelling for Nuclear Astrophysics Summer School (SMNASS)

JUNE 1-4, 2022

LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY Dept. of Physics & Astronomy,

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Orghanizers: Manos Chatzopoulos, Catherine Deibel, Rob Farmer, Carl Fields, Amber Lauer-Coles (lead), Zach Meisel, Bradley Munson


4/30 for application to be considered for travel support

5/15 final deadline to attend self-supported

JINA-CEE Travel support available (see registration)

Welcome to the JINA-CEE Stellar Modelling for Nuclear Astrophysics Summer School (SMNASS) at Louisiana State University

This conference is intended to teach the application of stellar modelling using Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA) to those in the nuclear-astrophysics community. This is especially geared toward nuclear experimentalists in order to apply newly measured values to existing stellar models and measure the effects on various features, such as abundances and other astronomical observables. Stellar modelling applications are becoming increasingly robust, and the availability of models for various stellar environments of interest to the nuclear-astrophysics community is constantly increasing. The veracity of such models is also increasing, and these can be used as a library for studying nucleosynthesis, both as a predictive tool for steering experimental efforts, and also to test results once experiments are finished. However, stellar evolution codes are historically closely held proprietary applications accessible to only a few researchers. The open access model of MESA along with its improved support for robust nuclear networks puts this within reach of nuclear experimentalists. Participants would leave the school with a better knowledge of stellar evolution models, and how to apply custom nuclear network features such as isotopes and rates, especially those measured through recent experimental work to observe the results on the models. Larger studies involving many rates will also be discussed, time permitting. Registration is $50, payable upon participant acceptance to the school.

This summer school is governed by the JINA-CEE code of conduct. JINA-CEE brings together scientists with a variety of backgrounds and interests to advance the field of Nuclear Astrophysics. This endeavor is only possible when all participants behave in a respectful, collegial manner. JINA-CEE sanctions for participants found in violation of this code of conduct may include, but is not limited to, warnings, exclusion from JINA-CEE sponsored events, and expulsion from the collaboration, in addition to all mandatory reporting requirements concerning sexual harassment.

The statements and opinions included in the Stellar Modeling for Nuclear Astrophysics Summer School website are those of the sponsors only. Any statements and opinions included in these webpages are not those of Louisiana State University or the LSU Board of Supervisors. 2022